Unlocking the Secrets of Book Marketing For Self Publishers and New Writers

There may be two movies inspired from the same book or a same movie; yet, the first one becomes a block-buster while the other is a flop. Why is the difference when the storyline, plot and even certain scenes are similar? The answer lies in marketing and design. The current world likes its designs well served and is often taken by ideas wrapped in a fetching package.

Different people; different rules

Things are of course different if you are either a celebrity (the promotion is easy and effortless) or a renowned author (you won’t need recognition or introduction. However, if you are a newbie or a self-publisher, dynamics change and how.

Make the book dapper

You must unlock the secrets of book marketing. The first thing you will learn there is that appearance matters. A book with a jaded cover no longer holds interest for readers. The first chapter should also be well-written and lead the readers to the second chapter. If you have chosen a writing design; say dark, you should abide by it through the progress of your book.

Content is the key

Remember, no amount of marketing can help you if your content is not top-of-the-block. Work on it, keep practicing; ask for tips from learned fellows and think of a concept which will score with readers.

Getting hitched with Amazon may help you if you are into e-books or Kindle books. If you can acquire a handsome ranking there, you will get instant visibility and good traffic. This will at least make you a known name.

Reviews are important

Get reviews and attach them. You can place excerpts of your book on your site or on a Facebook link. The reviews you get would help you. Many readers have this tendency to check out which reviewer is on the back-cover of your book and also his take on your book. Of course, a plush book cover helps matter in case you are searching for visibility, especially on actual shelves.

The first chapter

Coming back to first chapter, you may plan a free offer of your first chapter to prospective readers asking for feedback (positive or negative). This would help you tweak further chapters (taking cues from the feedback). This would also make the readers knowledgeable about your writing style and your niche. You will score if things are better on that front. Even celebrity writers read off excerpts of their books during book launches.

Share trivia with people

In the current online world, it helps to share your tidbits with people on Twitter and Facebook, notably about the book. It might be about the review you recently required from a known fellow. It might be about the place where you sat and wrote the first few chapters. Actually, it might be about many things, if you come to think about it.

Another working manner is to write a promotional e-book and offering it for free download. You may also add freebies for the first 5 or 10 people who respond to the e-book. There is, no need to worry, even if you are a new writer.

Top 5 Reasons to Write an E-Book to Market Your Business

Business needs marketing in the right way by the right channels. Without marketing a business would be incomplete, unless there is monopoly. There are many types of marketing strategies like the print media, or the television and these days the internet. This medium is a very quick and effective way of marketing. Nowadays the e-book is taking a toll with the entrepreneurs. Many business owners are turning their heads towards this type of marketing. But what is pulling them to take such a marketing step in the world of business? Let us look at the top five reasons to write an e-book to market the business products.

Knowledge of the product

Writing an e-book is not an easy task. Many dream to write an e-book but only a few achieve it. Therefore, it becomes necessary to write your name over the cover of the e-book. It shows the credibility of the writer. This credibility can only come with the knowledge of the product. It will showcase the exclusive details which will separate the writer’s product from that of the competitors. It also gives a boost to the owner and enhances the sales of the product.

Trust on the product thereby building a brand image

The e-book will have the smallest of the details of the product. This will help the consumer gain as much knowledge required for using the product effectively. It is a boon for the new users as it will give hands on knowledge to them. This will also build a trust on the company as they have left no stone unturned in order to serve the consumer. It is the best way for small entrepreneurs to build a brand image of their own and that too at the minimum marketing costs.

Target the right audience

Usually a product does not get the right kind of audience making the sales figures dip. An e-book is a great way to target the right set of audience and increase the sales. The need of the audience will be generated once the e-book is read. The reader can relate to the main use of the product by knowing the detailed features and functionality. Many a times the user does not know of the product availability and settles for a substitute. But the e-book throws light on the right product thereby marketing it effectively.

Cost of the e-book

There is a cost to each and every marketing strategy. The e-book also has some cost involved to it. But this cannot be recovered from the consumer directly. There is a passive income which is generated from it. The e-book will in turn increase the sale thereby increasing the profits. This profit will cover all the expenses incurred for the e-book.

The Content

An e-book should always have loads of information within it else it becomes boring to the reader as well as a waste of time and effort. Therefore the content is of utmost importance. It gives a stand to the product and makes it unique. The more number of pages, the more information is imparted by the e-book. However one can also add links to the e-book to shorten it and to make it interesting. Links can also be added to route to the website of the company or to the social networking sites to provide the valuable feedback about the e-book.

In the end, it all depends on your target audience. With ebooks you can certainly target specific groups very well and accurately. Best example are books you usually wont buy at Amazon or want to have them on your Kindle or in your book shelf. Topics like burning fat, how to make money with binary options or how to play in mobile casinos, are usually prefered as ebooks instead of books.

Top 10 things you need to know about self-publishing your book

Becoming a writer is a dream of many, but only a few are able to achieve it. Writing requires a lot of knowledge, imagination and most importantly, good hold on the language. Once the subject is ready, the book is penned and then, comes the main work of publishing. Though there are many ways to get a book published, publishing is not an easy task.

One way is to get it published by a publisher and the second is to self-publish it. The former is a bit easy but the latter is much more difficult. However, the difficulty comes with many benefits. Today, let us look at the top 10 things a writer needs to know about self-publishing a book.

Market it right

The writer should very well know how to market his book. This is not done by the publisher at all. However this is the main part to sell a book in the market. Therefore one should know how and when to play their cards to increase their sales.

Know what is self-publishing

Self-publishing is not a big thing to do. All one needs to do is craft the masterpiece onto Microsoft Word file and get it formatted from well-known formatters. Post this you can publish it online or even to the company which waits for such write-ups. You will get handsome royalty depending on the price you quote. It actually sells more books than the traditional book publishers.

Building up a team of professionals

You might be a good writer but might not be good at editing it. Or you may need a little help in designing the cover of the book to attract the right audience. But the audience will respond to a good campaign and the right kind of marketing. Honestly, not all of us are good at everything. Therefore these tasks should be left in the hands of the professionals who will do justice to your hard work.

Bleed to lead

A writer should bleed in his work to get the reader’s attention. This does not literally mean to spill out your blood. It is just a metaphor used which means to infect the reader with the entire virus within you to get them on the same page and leave them hanging at the end of every chapter or even a paragraph for that matter thereby generating the curiosity within the reader to read further.

Evergreen subject

The subject of the book should be evergreen. It should be read by any reader at any time. It may be five or ten years down the line as well. The subject should be so unique and fresh that it can be picked up at any time by a reader.

Need for self-publication

The need of self-publication should arise when the subject is close to your heart and needs attention at every nook and corner of the book. This will make you feel the book in all the possible ways.

Right audience

Self-publication makes the writer choose the audience he wants to approach while in normal publication this might not be possible.

Build your audience

The audience should be given what they want from a book, before they will actually buy the book. It takes a lot to convince the audience to actually shell out the price for a book and convert it into a sale. You need to be sure that the book has enough value (read useful information about the particular topic) for the readers to make use of it in their regular lives.

Focus on the design

If you are in doubt what kind of design will suit your book, visit a local bookstore and shortlist a couple of designs. Then, come back home and work on the design of your book. Alternatively, you can post your favorite design covers on social media and have people vote for their favorites. Accordingly, choose the one that has received the most number of likes.

Title of the book

Last, but not the least important factor is the title of your book. Choose a title that is easy to say aloud. Avoid complicated and unnecessarily lengthy titles. Also, make sure you match the title of your book with your book design. The same goes with the sub-title.

Final analysis

Different people may have different reasons for self-publishing a book. Some may do it to save cost while others may like to have a control of everything related to their book. You need decide your reason and act upon it. No matter what you choose, treat it as your baby who is just about to go out into the world and do it right.

The Different Platforms for Book Marketing

Gone are the olden days when new writers would use pamphlets or even bark of trees to promote their books. We have gone through a phase of amazing evolution in the last 50 years and book marketing has also felt its force. The promotion system has changed dramatically, more so, since the advent of Internet and Social media. Clearly, there are too many platforms on which to launch yourself and your book.

Here are a few platforms you may use to promote your written wares.

The interview

The interview continues to hold its own; especially as the visual media has raised its followers incredibly. You need to be on your toes and give a few interviews ranging on your book. Some interviewers may even be amenable enough to arrange for questions you would like to answer. Some questions would of course be scathing but it all shows the viewers how you respond and behave while in focus. It is amazing how that can translate into astounding success for your book.

Your site homepage

It is fashionable for writers to run their own sites or blog sites. You can update visitors with the latest on your book and some interesting trivia. In case it is the second part of a trilogy or so, you can even indulge visitors to give their own versions of what the new book should relate to. J K Rowling did that famously for her seventh Harry Potter book ‘The Deathly Hallows’. This will also help increase the traffic to your site and earn revenues, especially if you are into affiliate marketing.

Paid webinars

You may host paid webinars and make yourself heard to numerous receivers. The video chats, the excerpts, the trivia and most importantly, the take of critics, if they are on the webinar, which is nothing but a web conference. You may also hold space for viewer’s feedback.

Kindle select

Kindle is a device where people can freely download about 10% of 6, 00, 000 books but can keep only 10 books in storage. Once you become a part of Kindle select, you get royalty, visibility and recognition and have a great chance to generate curiosity into downloading people to buy your book. Many modern authors are trying this. Use strategies to gain good Amazon rankings and your book would be in the top page of your niche category.


It is the most popular social media platform around and it gives you the chance to approach millions with excerpts and links of your book. This may lead to great sales even if a tiny percentage of visitors become buyers.

Twitter and hashtags

People love to know what you are doing at the moment, especially if you are going to be the next known face. Keep them updated with tweets and hashtags. The service is free (there are many free book hashtags) and you can convey whether you are just seeing a movie or going through the final edits. It helps!

And of course, you can always resort to the literary agent if you find these platforms too hard-handed for you.

How to use Free Book Hashtags and Kindle Select to boost your Amazon book ranking

Over the years, there has been an exponential rise in the number of writers; and of course, the number of niches. There are fitness books, travel books, photography books, cookery books; motivational books; so on and so forth. These were pretty rare about 4 decades ago and now they are milking the cows dry. So, it is time to step up strategies to make your book visible.

Value of good ranking

Kindle Select gives you a remarkable option there. It places your book for free download (about 10% of your book) and the device itself gives a choice of more than 6, 00, 000 such free books. You just have to choose the right category and gather good rankings so that your book comes into the downloader’s reckoning more often. Each time, your book gets downloaded, you get a royalty.

Royalty and recognition

Royalty is just one part of the show. You also get recognition and visibility. Remember to format your book well in sync with Kindle and place neat and crisp content to the readers. Readers may opt for 30-day free trial but at the end, feel hitched to your book. This will lead them to buy your book ultimately, getting you further revenue.

Pricing should be effective; not excessive

Price your book after analyzing the content and effect you can generate. Do not go overboard, especially if you are a new writer. At the same time, do not keep your book too short-priced. It may put-off readers who anyway will get their download for free. Please keep resourceful tags as defining architects of your book.

Make the design worthwhile

Invest in design of your book; it should be attractive; thorough and seamless. Some book designs are powerful enough to catch the eye and make readers go through the book even if the content inside is worthless. For your sake, keep the content good and never lack in pace. The formula is to keep pedaling the pace with every chapter to make the book spell-binding. This will get you good Amazon ranking.

Connecting through hashtags

You can connect with readers through free book hashtags available to authors. There are a few hundreds of them, but the best ones are terse and explanatory. #amediting and #authorslife are two hashtags which signify your direct involvement. You can share with readers the areas which you are finding it hard to edit. You can talk about your favorite parts of the book and give them a give-away in a manner which keeps them interested.

Share your life with readers

Through the hashtags, you can also share other aspects of your life; your spouse and family; your likes and dislikes, your experiences while writing the book and particular moments of your life which have been projected in the book. This works almost like an interview does for a movie star. You may also enlighten readers as to where you will be on particular days (where the book launch will be or which literary festival would you be part of). Hashtags have a way of ensuring smooth communication between you and your readers. What more, they are free.

Common Challenges to Avoid When You Approach a Literary Agent

You have taken your time off to write a book; it may be inspired from your life; may be fictional or a dream sequence. The problem is that the lone reader of your book until now is you. To extend the horizon of your thoughts to others, you must approach a literary agent. Keep in mind though that he may not be as lenient to your work as you yourself are.

Write distinctly

The first challenge which you are prone to face is similarity of concept. You might have written a sci-fi, law fiction or a romantic book and you will find that the agent has many other proposals in the same genre. This is where your query mail, proposal letter and synopsis may help you. Write them lucidly, crisply and brilliantly to attract direct attention.

Make your book’s sample chapter thought-provoking

The sample chapter of your book should be thought-provoking, inquisitive and attention-grabbing. It is this chapter, which will either make the agent go through the whole book with anticipation or lock the book in a desolate shelf. The chapter should not only carry the idea through; it should also have its share of humor and bite. That will do for starters.

Choose literary agents tactfully

You should choose literary agents who deal with your genre of books. It would not work sending a science fiction to be published by agents who deal in text books. Would it? Do your research on literary agents and don’t stop at a single one. Remember that even JK Rowling had to pass through many agents before she stopped by Bloomsbury for the famed Harry Potter series.

Keep up with the trends

Be updated with the trends. There are times when books with historical context are hot property and others when fantasy books sell like candies. Accept the trend and insert portions of them in your book. Remember, in times of fierce competition, you will need to be a pioneer or sorts to hold your head high.

Get an unbiased summation

For first timers, It is a challenge to get over the apprehension that maybe, their book is incomplete; maybe it misses a spark or maybe things could have been inserted into it. Let learned fellows around you go through your book before you approach agents. They will do a critical and impartial analysis; something which you might not do yourself (come on, you will always be partial to your work).

Take your time

Time is an important phenomenon even in books. First timers tend to rush up their stories feeling that it would keep readers interested. The book, much like life, should run at a particular pace, accelerating at the climax. Let the reader absorb himself into your story and make sure that you have developed your characters.

Learn to hear ‘no’

The biggest challenge lying for you is the fear of hearing a ‘no’. You will be very lucky to hear a ‘yes’ the first time so instead of opposing, try to find out why is the agent rejecting your work and where have you messed it up, unless you have written a ‘Paradise Lost’ and even Milton had to fight for his head to get the piece of legend printed.

Choosing the Right Kindle Book Market

Nowadays, Kindle is the new oracle when it comes to fast and furious books. Most vivid readers now have their Kindle where they keep a consummate collection of books they can read at their leisure. True to fashion, writers are now writing and promoting books on Kindle and trying strategies and doing research to get good rankings. The question is: how to choose your correct Kindle market.

Fiction and non-fiction

Basically and subjectively, your books fall into two regimes; fiction and non-fiction. Each has its strengths and readership and you should strategize according to the niche you have chosen. While the non-fiction rankings will get brownies with first class references, quotes and proofs of things which actually happened, fiction work stands tall if the description is poignant and writing is seamless and advancing.

You are the boss

The best thing with Kindle is that you do your own promotion and make your strategies; not your literary agent. You may find patches where there is less competition facing you. Yes, you have to keep fine-tuning your writing skills; and do extensive proof-reading. Small grammar mistakes appear unforgivable on Kindle format.

Format the book correctly

Of course, Kindle has its own format and your book looks best in particular bold fonts. It is essential to format your book well leaving spaces in uniformity. Needless to say, your title should be as eye-catching as the synopsis and preferably the initial chapter. These are the first things that your reader attends to.

Get over the writer’s block

If you are a new writer, you will often find handling certain situations in books hard. You will find a solution only to feel that it has already been done in another book. Also, the flow of emotions may be hard to streamline for you; all leading to writer’s block. Get over it. Yes, it will take some focus and practice, but I repeat; get over it.

Choose the right category

Pick the correct category for your book and don’t try to fool Amazon or other markets. They will do a reality check and may place you in some other category, but then, at least, you will not be at fault. Also, remember to be distinct and a lone ranger, especially if you are writing non-fiction. Not everyone is a V.S. Naipaul.

Tags and price

Two things that may sound frivolous at the outset but hold great meaning are tags and price. Please do research on popular tags which vaguely or objectively define your book. An appropriate work here will help you gain good rankings. Also, the price you set for your book should be well-thought of.

Promote your book through social media

You may use your Facebook profile; site home page and Twitter as vehicle to promote your eBook. If you join the Kindle Select, Amazon may do the promotion for you. The best way, perhaps, is to generate curiosity about the niche you have touched. Slowly, seep in the fact that your book will soon be out on Kindle or has already hit it.