Choosing the Right Kindle Book Market

Nowadays, Kindle is the new oracle when it comes to fast and furious books. Most vivid readers now have their Kindle where they keep a consummate collection of books they can read at their leisure. True to fashion, writers are now writing and promoting books on Kindle and trying strategies and doing research to get good rankings. The question is: how to choose your correct Kindle market.

Fiction and non-fiction

Basically and subjectively, your books fall into two regimes; fiction and non-fiction. Each has its strengths and readership and you should strategize according to the niche you have chosen. While the non-fiction rankings will get brownies with first class references, quotes and proofs of things which actually happened, fiction work stands tall if the description is poignant and writing is seamless and advancing.

You are the boss

The best thing with Kindle is that you do your own promotion and make your strategies; not your literary agent. You may find patches where there is less competition facing you. Yes, you have to keep fine-tuning your writing skills; and do extensive proof-reading. Small grammar mistakes appear unforgivable on Kindle format.

Format the book correctly

Of course, Kindle has its own format and your book looks best in particular bold fonts. It is essential to format your book well leaving spaces in uniformity. Needless to say, your title should be as eye-catching as the synopsis and preferably the initial chapter. These are the first things that your reader attends to.

Get over the writer’s block

If you are a new writer, you will often find handling certain situations in books hard. You will find a solution only to feel that it has already been done in another book. Also, the flow of emotions may be hard to streamline for you; all leading to writer’s block. Get over it. Yes, it will take some focus and practice, but I repeat; get over it.

Choose the right category

Pick the correct category for your book and don’t try to fool Amazon or other markets. They will do a reality check and may place you in some other category, but then, at least, you will not be at fault. Also, remember to be distinct and a lone ranger, especially if you are writing non-fiction. Not everyone is a V.S. Naipaul.

Tags and price

Two things that may sound frivolous at the outset but hold great meaning are tags and price. Please do research on popular tags which vaguely or objectively define your book. An appropriate work here will help you gain good rankings. Also, the price you set for your book should be well-thought of.

Promote your book through social media

You may use your Facebook profile; site home page and Twitter as vehicle to promote your eBook. If you join the Kindle Select, Amazon may do the promotion for you. The best way, perhaps, is to generate curiosity about the niche you have touched. Slowly, seep in the fact that your book will soon be out on Kindle or has already hit it.