How to use Free Book Hashtags and Kindle Select to boost your Amazon book ranking

Over the years, there has been an exponential rise in the number of writers; and of course, the number of niches. There are fitness books, travel books, photography books, cookery books; motivational books; so on and so forth. These were pretty rare about 4 decades ago and now they are milking the cows dry. So, it is time to step up strategies to make your book visible.

Value of good ranking

Kindle Select gives you a remarkable option there. It places your book for free download (about 10% of your book) and the device itself gives a choice of more than 6, 00, 000 such free books. You just have to choose the right category and gather good rankings so that your book comes into the downloader’s reckoning more often. Each time, your book gets downloaded, you get a royalty.

Royalty and recognition

Royalty is just one part of the show. You also get recognition and visibility. Remember to format your book well in sync with Kindle and place neat and crisp content to the readers. Readers may opt for 30-day free trial but at the end, feel hitched to your book. This will lead them to buy your book ultimately, getting you further revenue.

Pricing should be effective; not excessive

Price your book after analyzing the content and effect you can generate. Do not go overboard, especially if you are a new writer. At the same time, do not keep your book too short-priced. It may put-off readers who anyway will get their download for free. Please keep resourceful tags as defining architects of your book.

Make the design worthwhile

Invest in design of your book; it should be attractive; thorough and seamless. Some book designs are powerful enough to catch the eye and make readers go through the book even if the content inside is worthless. For your sake, keep the content good and never lack in pace. The formula is to keep pedaling the pace with every chapter to make the book spell-binding. This will get you good Amazon ranking.

Connecting through hashtags

You can connect with readers through free book hashtags available to authors. There are a few hundreds of them, but the best ones are terse and explanatory. #amediting and #authorslife are two hashtags which signify your direct involvement. You can share with readers the areas which you are finding it hard to edit. You can talk about your favorite parts of the book and give them a give-away in a manner which keeps them interested.

Share your life with readers

Through the hashtags, you can also share other aspects of your life; your spouse and family; your likes and dislikes, your experiences while writing the book and particular moments of your life which have been projected in the book. This works almost like an interview does for a movie star. You may also enlighten readers as to where you will be on particular days (where the book launch will be or which literary festival would you be part of). Hashtags have a way of ensuring smooth communication between you and your readers. What more, they are free.