The Different Platforms for Book Marketing

Gone are the olden days when new writers would use pamphlets or even bark of trees to promote their books. We have gone through a phase of amazing evolution in the last 50 years and book marketing has also felt its force. The promotion system has changed dramatically, more so, since the advent of Internet and Social media. Clearly, there are too many platforms on which to launch yourself and your book.

Here are a few platforms you may use to promote your written wares.

The interview

The interview continues to hold its own; especially as the visual media has raised its followers incredibly. You need to be on your toes and give a few interviews ranging on your book. Some interviewers may even be amenable enough to arrange for questions you would like to answer. Some questions would of course be scathing but it all shows the viewers how you respond and behave while in focus. It is amazing how that can translate into astounding success for your book.

Your site homepage

It is fashionable for writers to run their own sites or blog sites. You can update visitors with the latest on your book and some interesting trivia. In case it is the second part of a trilogy or so, you can even indulge visitors to give their own versions of what the new book should relate to. J K Rowling did that famously for her seventh Harry Potter book ‘The Deathly Hallows’. This will also help increase the traffic to your site and earn revenues, especially if you are into affiliate marketing.

Paid webinars

You may host paid webinars and make yourself heard to numerous receivers. The video chats, the excerpts, the trivia and most importantly, the take of critics, if they are on the webinar, which is nothing but a web conference. You may also hold space for viewer’s feedback.

Kindle select

Kindle is a device where people can freely download about 10% of 6, 00, 000 books but can keep only 10 books in storage. Once you become a part of Kindle select, you get royalty, visibility and recognition and have a great chance to generate curiosity into downloading people to buy your book. Many modern authors are trying this. Use strategies to gain good Amazon rankings and your book would be in the top page of your niche category.


It is the most popular social media platform around and it gives you the chance to approach millions with excerpts and links of your book. This may lead to great sales even if a tiny percentage of visitors become buyers.

Twitter and hashtags

People love to know what you are doing at the moment, especially if you are going to be the next known face. Keep them updated with tweets and hashtags. The service is free (there are many free book hashtags) and you can convey whether you are just seeing a movie or going through the final edits. It helps!

And of course, you can always resort to the literary agent if you find these platforms too hard-handed for you.