Top 10 things you need to know about self-publishing your book

Becoming a writer is a dream of many, but only a few are able to achieve it. Writing requires a lot of knowledge, imagination and most importantly, good hold on the language. Once the subject is ready, the book is penned and then, comes the main work of publishing. Though there are many ways to get a book published, publishing is not an easy task.

One way is to get it published by a publisher and the second is to self-publish it. The former is a bit easy but the latter is much more difficult. However, the difficulty comes with many benefits. Today, let us look at the top 10 things a writer needs to know about self-publishing a book.

Market it right

The writer should very well know how to market his book. This is not done by the publisher at all. However this is the main part to sell a book in the market. Therefore one should know how and when to play their cards to increase their sales.

Know what is self-publishing

Self-publishing is not a big thing to do. All one needs to do is craft the masterpiece onto Microsoft Word file and get it formatted from well-known formatters. Post this you can publish it online or even to the company which waits for such write-ups. You will get handsome royalty depending on the price you quote. It actually sells more books than the traditional book publishers.

Building up a team of professionals

You might be a good writer but might not be good at editing it. Or you may need a little help in designing the cover of the book to attract the right audience. But the audience will respond to a good campaign and the right kind of marketing. Honestly, not all of us are good at everything. Therefore these tasks should be left in the hands of the professionals who will do justice to your hard work.

Bleed to lead

A writer should bleed in his work to get the reader’s attention. This does not literally mean to spill out your blood. It is just a metaphor used which means to infect the reader with the entire virus within you to get them on the same page and leave them hanging at the end of every chapter or even a paragraph for that matter thereby generating the curiosity within the reader to read further.

Evergreen subject

The subject of the book should be evergreen. It should be read by any reader at any time. It may be five or ten years down the line as well. The subject should be so unique and fresh that it can be picked up at any time by a reader.

Need for self-publication

The need of self-publication should arise when the subject is close to your heart and needs attention at every nook and corner of the book. This will make you feel the book in all the possible ways.

Right audience

Self-publication makes the writer choose the audience he wants to approach while in normal publication this might not be possible.

Build your audience

The audience should be given what they want from a book, before they will actually buy the book. It takes a lot to convince the audience to actually shell out the price for a book and convert it into a sale. You need to be sure that the book has enough value (read useful information about the particular topic) for the readers to make use of it in their regular lives.

Focus on the design

If you are in doubt what kind of design will suit your book, visit a local bookstore and shortlist a couple of designs. Then, come back home and work on the design of your book. Alternatively, you can post your favorite design covers on social media and have people vote for their favorites. Accordingly, choose the one that has received the most number of likes.

Title of the book

Last, but not the least important factor is the title of your book. Choose a title that is easy to say aloud. Avoid complicated and unnecessarily lengthy titles. Also, make sure you match the title of your book with your book design. The same goes with the sub-title.

Final analysis

Different people may have different reasons for self-publishing a book. Some may do it to save cost while others may like to have a control of everything related to their book. You need decide your reason and act upon it. No matter what you choose, treat it as your baby who is just about to go out into the world and do it right.