Unlocking the Secrets of Book Marketing For Self Publishers and New Writers

There may be two movies inspired from the same book or a same movie; yet, the first one becomes a block-buster while the other is a flop. Why is the difference when the storyline, plot and even certain scenes are similar? The answer lies in marketing and design. The current world likes its designs well served and is often taken by ideas wrapped in a fetching package.

Different people; different rules

Things are of course different if you are either a celebrity (the promotion is easy and effortless) or a renowned author (you won’t need recognition or introduction. However, if you are a newbie or a self-publisher, dynamics change and how.

Make the book dapper

You must unlock the secrets of book marketing. The first thing you will learn there is that appearance matters. A book with a jaded cover no longer holds interest for readers. The first chapter should also be well-written and lead the readers to the second chapter. If you have chosen a writing design; say dark, you should abide by it through the progress of your book.

Content is the key

Remember, no amount of marketing can help you if your content is not top-of-the-block. Work on it, keep practicing; ask for tips from learned fellows and think of a concept which will score with readers.

Getting hitched with Amazon may help you if you are into e-books or Kindle books. If you can acquire a handsome ranking there, you will get instant visibility and good traffic. This will at least make you a known name.

Reviews are important

Get reviews and attach them. You can place excerpts of your book on your site or on a Facebook link. The reviews you get would help you. Many readers have this tendency to check out which reviewer is on the back-cover of your book and also his take on your book. Of course, a plush book cover helps matter in case you are searching for visibility, especially on actual shelves.

The first chapter

Coming back to first chapter, you may plan a free offer of your first chapter to prospective readers asking for feedback (positive or negative). This would help you tweak further chapters (taking cues from the feedback). This would also make the readers knowledgeable about your writing style and your niche. You will score if things are better on that front. Even celebrity writers read off excerpts of their books during book launches.

Share trivia with people

In the current online world, it helps to share your tidbits with people on Twitter and Facebook, notably about the book. It might be about the review you recently required from a known fellow. It might be about the place where you sat and wrote the first few chapters. Actually, it might be about many things, if you come to think about it.

Another working manner is to write a promotional e-book and offering it for free download. You may also add freebies for the first 5 or 10 people who respond to the e-book. There is, no need to worry, even if you are a new writer.